Gemsville is illustrator and shoe artist Gemma Kitchener.
Offering illustrations and  bespoke customisable canvas sneakers in an array of styles and sizes including baby boots, slip ons and hi tops. Each pair is uniquely designed and hand illustrated making a great personal gift

Something truly unique for your feet!

Growing up and still residing in the heart of the Cotswolds in the UK Gemma has always had a thing for getting creative.
After spending her school years studying art and completing a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design she continued experimenting in illustrative techniques. Initially just a hobby creating fun shoes and commissions for friends and family, in 2010 she officially launched Gemsville a place where all her creations could be accessed by everyone. Nearly 10 years on Gemsville continues to expand and evolve as Gemma continues to do what she loves for a job.

Hi there! I'm Gemma and when I'm not doodling you'll usually find me watching a good film (I ALWAYS have time for a Shia LaBeouf movie.)
I'm a huge animal/wildlife lover and proud rescuer of multiple birds, bats, rabbits and once there was a hit 'n' run squirrel.
I really like FOOD! we won't go into it I'll waffle for ages.
I'm also known to have as slight obsession with anything related to The Simpsons, London or the USA (especially Abraham Lincoln)